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Wedding Cakes

Available Flavors:

Yellow – A rich, buttery flavor accents this cake.
White – A delicious moist cake, with hues of vanilla.
Chocolate – Rich in a dark cocoa flavor.
Almond – Yellow cake base with a light almond amaretto soak.
Carrot – Enticing moist spiced cake, filled with walnuts, raisins and finished off with carrots.
Lemon – White cake base with a light flavoring of fresh squeezed lemons.
Marble – A great combination of yellow butter and rich chocolate cake.

Cheesecake wedding cakes available

Base Fillings

Base filling cakes start at $2.95 per person.

Available Flavors:

Chocolate Fudge
White & Chocolate

Specialty Filling

Our specialty fillings will set your wedding cakes apart from the rest while appealing to the distinctive palates of your guests.
Specialty filling cakes start at $3.75 per person.

Available Flavors:

Cannoli Filling – Sweet ricotta cheese, cherries, walnuts and rum.
Lemon Sour Cream – A subtle combination of sour cream and lemon filling create a light, smooth flavor.
Fresh Strawberry Filling – Fresh, sliced strawberries combined with strawberry preserves.
Cream Cheese Icing – A great compliment for our famous carrot cake.
Cookies and Cream – Real Oreo® cream folded in with cookie chunks.
Mint Buttercream – An enticing mint flavor filling mixed with chocolate cake.

The ‘Wow’ Flavors

Tell your guests just how important they are with these regal mousse and liqueur fillings.
Prices starting at $4.00 per person.

Available Flavors:

White Chocolate Mousse – Made with real heavy cream and only the best chocolate — one of our most popular fillings!
Milk Chocolate Mousse – Indulge in this rich, chocolate delight.
Raspberry Chambord Mousse – A rich, raspberry flavored mousse with liqueur.
Amaretto Mousse – White chocolate base with rich hues of almonds and flavored with amaretto liqueur.
Peanut Butter Mousse – Peanut butter and heavy cream make this a nut-lovers dream.